Class H

The Class H is an entry level cutting table that gives the production shops dealing with lighter materials and smaller budgets access to the best priced and performing machine on the market. Reliable, fast, accurate and easy to operate. The EBF Class H will dramatically reduce waste material and operating costs for an improved profitability.


  • Assembled design
  • 800 IPM
  • Downdraft or Watertable material support
  • Microstepping motors
  • Standard rack and pinion drive
  • V-bearings
  • System of cable track fully enclosed
  • Hypertherm Conventional plasma
  • EBF Controller including industrial sealed enclosure, industrial fanless touchscreen computer, remote help technology, USB port, keyboard and mouse.
  • Rollerball lifter or EBF automatic height controller
  • Hypertherm CAM NestMaster (included)
  • Table size: 5' x 10'
Technical sheet
The best cost-effective entry level plasma cutting machine.
Class H
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