Class D

The Class D is an extreme duty unitized machine designed for heavy drilling application. It combines high quality drilled holes with superb cut quality of plasma or oxy/fuel. This table can also be equipped with an automatic tool changer for increased productivity.


  • Unitized design
  • 500 IPM
  • Downdraft or Watertable material support
  • Comes standard with a 30HP drilling head
  • Brushless 1KW servo motors on all drive axis
  • Twin drive on Y axis
  • High precision planetary gearboxes on all axis with helical gears
  • Helical rack and pinion drive on X-Y axis for smooth motion
  • Displacement on linear bearing of high precision on all the axis
  • System of cable track fully enclosed
  • Hypertherm high definition plasma
  • Automatic gas console
  • Hypertherm Edge Pro
  • EBF HD automatic height controller for Z axis
  • Magnetic crash sensor system on Z axis
  • Laser pointer for plate alignment
  • Hypertherm CAM ProNest (included)
  • Table sizes*:
    5' x 10', 6' x 12', 8' x 24', 10' x 26', 10' x 50'
* custom size also available upon request Technical sheet
Extreme power for heavy duty works.
Classe D
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