Class W

Made from EBF motion expertise and KMT water jet products, the Class W is the best waterjet cutting table available on the market! For shop cutting projects needing to cut any material with no "heat-affected-zone" (HAZ) with a high degree of accuracy. KMT waterjet is the leading global manufacturer of waterjet pump and the most recognized in the World for more than 40 years.


  • Modular construction (assembled design also available)
  • 203 m/min (800 IPM) cutting speed
  • Water as standard
  • Brushless 1KW servo motors on all drive axis
  • Twin drive on Y axis
  • High precision planetary gearboxes on all axis with helical gears
  • Helical rack and pinion drive on X-Y axis for smooth motion
  • Displacement on linear bearing of high precision on all the axis
  • System of cable track fully enclosed
  • KMT Streamline SL-V & NEOline, 55 000 PSI/3800 bar pumps, 40 hp
  • Hypertherm Edge Pro
  • Hypertherm CAM ProNest (included)
  • Table sizes: 5' x 10'
Technical sheet
The best of waterjet.
Class W
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