Class P

The Class P is a highly powerful, multi-process plasma CNC cutting table offering many options such as drilling, tapping, bevel cuts, oxy fuel, and triple oxy fuel. The machine will be customized to fit your needs for maximum production. Even the color of your machine can be customized!


  • Unitized design
  • 800 IPM
  • Downdraft or Watertable material support
  • Optional 30HP drilling head and tool changer (6 tools)
  • Bosch Rexroth A/C servo motors on all drive axis
  • Dual 12" x 12" steel gantry for stability
  • High precision planetary gearboxes on all axis with helical gears
  • Helical rack and pinion drive on X-Y axis for smooth motion
  • Displacement on linear bearing of high precision on all the axis
  • System of cable track fully enclosed
  • Hypertherm high definition plasma
  • Automatic gas console
  • Hypertherm Edge Pro
  • EBF HD automatic height controller for Z axis
  • Magnetic crash sensor system on Z axis
  • Laser pointer for plate alignment
  • Hypertherm CAM ProNest (included)
  • Table sizes*:
    10' x 40' up to 20' x 80'
* custom size also available upon request Technical sheet
Multi-process and powerful.
Classe P
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